• Tubi flessibili e Raccordi - Flexiline Copertina
    Flexible Hoses and Fittings flexiline


Hoses lined with PTFE, PFA, UPE and other corrosion resistant materials, suitable for food and pharmaceutical products. Stainless steel or Rubber external cover. Flexible silicone hoses for pharmaceutical industry. Diflon sales program includes the supplyng of hose assembling with correct dimensions stainless steel AISI 316L, Al-Si316L / PFA. Hoses are compliant with standards EN 12115, FDA21,USP XXXII CLASS VI, ISO 10993, BFR CAT III, DM 21.03.73, ER 1935/2004/CE, JAPAN MHWN 370, EuropeanPharmacopeia 3.1.9 and other Standards Specifications. 
Flexible Hoses Flexiline


Flexible hoses designed and manufactured in full compliance with food regulations for the most diverse needs of companies operating in this sector.
Suitable for the passage of fatty and non-fatty substances, alcoholic beverages up to dry granular products.
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Flexible hoses designed to guarantee the safety of the environment and of the operators and therefore avoid the risk of damage, explosion or contamination in chemical and petrochemical plants.
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PTFE Hoses from the simplest bare tube, through to convoluted and braided steel tubing. PTFE tubes are able to offer excellent chemical and high temperature resistance, are completely odorless and tasteless and have a low friction coefficient, for this reason they are used in industrial and automotive environments where high technical performance is required.
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Hoses specifically designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials, selected in order to guarantee the high standards that the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors impose.
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