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Fluoropolimers coatings - PFA coatings

PerFluoroAlkoxy alkanes (PFA) is a fluoropolymer. It is produced by copolymerization of tetraefluoroethylene (C2F4) and perfluoroethers (CF2F3ORf). In terms of its properties, this polymer is similar to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The big difference is that the alkoxy substituents allow the polymer to be melt-processed.
PFA is melt-processable by conventional thermoplastic processing methods, including injection, transfer, blow, and compression molding and by extrusion.
It is a relatively soft thermoplastic with lower tensile strength and creep resistance than many other engineering plastics. It is chemically inert and has a low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range.

PFA is used when extended service is required in hostile environments involving chemical, thermal, and mechanical stress. PFA offers high melt strength, stability at high processing temperatures, excellent crack and stress resistance, a low coefficient of friction.
It has high resistance to creep and retention of properties after service at 260°C (500°F). PFA also meets FDA 21CFR.177.1550.

PFA has high transparency (with good transmittance of UltraViolet and visible wavelengths.) It has long term weatherability and excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weather.
Important applications are linings for pipe and chemical processing equipment, roll covers, and several wire and cable applications, including aircraft wire, plenum cable, fire alarm cable, and well logging cable.

PFA – Perfluoroalkoxy - TYPICAL PROPERTIES

Property Value Units Method
Tensile Strength, 73°F 4060 - 4500
28 to 31
Elongation, 73°F 260 - 300 %  
Flexural Strength, 73°F No break at flexure   D 790
Impact Strength, Izod No break    
Compressive Stress at 1% deformation, MPa   D 695
Yield Strength
At 23 deg C
Density (as polymerized) 2.12 to 2.17 gm/cu.cm  
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
20 to 100 deg C
12 x 10-5 K-1  
Melting Point 487 - 540
253 - 282
deg F
deg C
Thermal Conductivity 1.450.209 Btu/hr-.ft-deg F
W/m/deg K
ASTM C 177
Specific Heat 0.25
Btu/lb/deg F
kJ/Kg/deg K
Heat Distortion Temperature,
66 lb/sq.in (0.455 MPa)
158 to 171
70 - 77
deg F
deg C
D 648
Service Temperature -418 to 403
-250 to 206
deg F
deg C
Processing Temperature 698 - 743
370 - 395
deg F
deg C
Dielectric Strength,
short time, 0.080”
  MV m-1  
Surface Arc-Resistance >300 (does not track) sec D 495
Volume Resistivity, dry, @ 50% RH >1018 ohm-cm D 257
Surface Resistivity, @ 100% RH 1016 ohm/sq.  
Dielectric Constant 1kHz to 1GHz 2.06 ? D150-81
Dielectric Strength 78.8* kV mm-1 D149
Dissipation Factor @ 60 Hz - 1 MHz <0.0001   D150-81
Refractive Index 1.344 nD 25 D 542
Water Absorption <0.1 % D570-81
Flame Rating+ VE-0   UL-94
Limiting Oxygen Index 95 % Oxygen D 2863
Resistance to Weathering Excellent    
Specific Gravity 2.12-2.17   D792-66 (1979)
Static coefficient of friction 0.05-0.08    
CO2 Permeability 273 Ng cm m-2 s-1  
O2 Permeability 637 Ng cm m-2 s-1  
N2 Permeability 91 Ng cm m-2 s-1  
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